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scale: Octatonic - dominant mode

The scale intervals for two octaves are:
1(b2 b3) 3 (5b) 5(6) b7 b9 #9 #11 13.

The dominant mode of OCTATONIC scale differs from the SUPER LOCRIAN ( Melodic Minor 7th mode ) by two notes: the Natural 5 and 13 (6). So, an altered dominant chord, e. g. C7b9 wîth a 13, definitely belongs to the dimìnìshed 1/2 whole scale. The 13, or 6, is the note in an altered chord that confirms this scale choice. The natural 5 is more ambiguous because it is also part of the 5th mode of Harmolnìc minor.
Other chord options could be C13b3#11, C13#9, or simply C7b9 and C7.

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